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Yanbu Seven Sisters Dive Site’s

Marker No 39
Tower light marker 39, a reef which is located in the southern part of the Seven Sisters chain. This beautiful dive site is full of hard and soft corrals of all colors, in this area we have dived with schools of Pick Handle Barracuda, Red Snapper, Squirrel fish of enormous size, and the many and varied smaller reef fishes.

Marker No 41
Tower light marker 41 is a drop off dive with again a very beautiful wall full of different colored coral, with schools of Red and Black Snapper racing from the top of the reef into the many lagoons dotted into the wall, swimming in the current just off the wall are the Big Eye, Dog Tooth and Bonito Tuna looking for a snack.

Marker No 32
Tower light marker 32, a soft coral reef, if you are planning a fun dive this is the reef for you, it is especially nice if you are a photography or movie maker, on this reef we have seen Tiger Shark, Yellow Fin Tuna, White Tip Reef Shark and Grey Reef Rhark, the numerous different kinds of soft and hard coral make this site a Dream.

Abu Galawa Abu Galawa reef one our most beautiful dive sites the next to last South Eastern reef in the Seven Sisters chain, it has one of the only shallow anchorages in the sisters, allowing you to overnight in relative safety. The Galawa reef is a corral grotto on the Eastern side with a drop off to North and South the Grotto in 20 meters the Drop off going to 400 meters, schools of Barracuda, large Grouper and cruising the drop off many different species of Red Sea Sharks.

Farasan Bank dive sites

The Farasan Banks is not to be mistaken for the Farasan Islands by road between the two is about 600 km all Farasan Bank diving is wall diving, on the East and West of the islands the wall is down to in some places 500 meters, 1,600ft on the Northern and Southern points we have flats and plateau’s from 10 to 30 to 40 meter, many of these flats have sandy bottoms, some are channels/highways running on some sites half way around the reef, when these plateaus meet the drop off the pelagic fish and sharks are a sight to be seen.

MarMar (one of the four islands)
This is one of the four most westerly islands, on the Eastern side of this island the wall slopes from 0 to 500 meters these walls are full of caverns lagoons small caves many with small reef shark inside, you can find Yellow Spotted Sweet lips, Marble Grouper, Blue Spotted Sting Rays and Turtles. On the northern plateau of this Island is a site called washing machine, named thus for the extreme current 2 to 3 kts (take it from me, that speed underwater is something else) coming from the north to the south west, we have dived with Manta, White tip shark, Saw tooth shark, Buffalo head or Bump head parrot fish, Pick handle barracuda and Silky shark, on a good day this site will give you the ride of your life, dive safely, dive with a buddy go with the flow you will have a fast, furious great dive.

Dohra (one of the four islands) This is a one of the main Turtle nesting islands, on and around this site we have seen large groups of Coral Grouper, Blue Spotted Grouper, Purple Tang and Lyre Tail many varied and different color of soft corals, Turtle, Reef Shark White and Black tip shark, Blue Spotted Sting Ray and even Tiger Shark.

Gorgonian Point.
This totally submerged reef is has its name suggests, at a depth of 30 to 40 meters on the Eastern side huge Gorgonian Fans, Shark, Manta and always Giant Bump head parrot fish are seen, at the Southern tip at a depth of 25 meters four complete corral heads are made up of only bubble corral, during the season the Southern tip is a mass of juvenile Cuttlefish fish attached to every piece of coral.

Shib Ammar (in the three islands)
This reef far to the South of the main group of islands, we call Dolphin reef as we usually see Dolphin inside sometimes in great numbers, this is the only reef that we have found we can sail Dream Voyager inside the reefs lagoon and moor so we have protection in any weather, on the Northern point we spotted Hammerhead Shark as we have on Maluthu and

Muddar (in the three islands)

This is four dive sites on the southern plateau The cut, a cut at about 25 meters leading down another 10 meters to the drop off this is wide enough for one diver at a time and makes for a exiting dive, on the western wall at 20 meters is a large cavern full of many colored sea squirts attached to black corral this is called Hanging Garden, another 30 ft past this you will be on Paradise wall the wall being full of multi colored soft corrals, the fourth site is the Northern plateau going down to 25 meters then across the sand highway for another 20 meters to the drop off on this site when there is current we have seen Manta, Tiger shark with Hammerhead, Feather tail bull ray, Eagle ray usually two or three together but moving very fast, this is one of the latest sites found and Hanging Garden was given a three page spread in the German Dive Magazine Tauchen in August 2007.

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