General Information:

All boats electrical power is 240 volts 60 cycle, all tanks are 12ltr aluminium with K valve we do not carry steel tanks or DIN fittings, each vessel will carry one English speaking Dive Guide we recommend on Dream Island 12 guests, on Dream Master 16 guests this gives 2 guests per cabin, per cruise minimum of 17 dives including night
dives maximum dives per cruise 19 dives, we have LCD TVs DVD Players & Music centers on all vessels on Dream Master music is piped to the dive deck & upper deck.


Transfer from Jeddah International Airport to the  Southern Charter (Al-lith the Northern Farasan Banks) is approximately two hours & half, to Yanbu on Nourthern Charter it is three hours, water & soft drinks are on the bus, we do supply basic rental gear BCD & Regulators Mares & Beauchaut at a small cost.

On your last day you will arrive in Jeddah at approximately 1700 hrs enjoy to hours in the Old City then proceed to the International Airport, if you wish to eat out there are many Restaurants on Snacks Bars available for you to choose from.

One week to the north to Shib Shuayba, Ras Baridi, Sharm Hessy then south to the Seven Sisters in the hopes of diving with the Hammerheads, we
have sites north of Yanbu where, with permission we  can dive on
historical wrecks containing dozens of glazed and unglazed water and oil jars interspaced with clay pipe bowls and Chinese ceramics, dating back to the 1700s these are not antique, but are of great interest to many of our Saudi and International divers giving a insight into the past trading habits of the local coastal navigators, under no circumstances must items be disturbed or removed from these wrecks, although not
antique they are still an important part of the Kingdoms trading history. 

Al Lith 210 km South of Jeddah on the Jazzan/Yemen Highway , the Northern Farasan Banks:
One week to the Islands of Mulathu, Dohara, Mar-Mar and Jadir ( the four islands) then South to Shiib  Ammar, Ciopi, Muddur reefs, then to the Islands of Dannak, Jabbara and Eagle (the three islands) these islands are some of the most prolific nesting areas for the Hawksbill and Green Turtles that inhabit this region, they are often spotted on dives and are quite at ease around divers, the Islands upon which you can land have turtles crossing every evening, resting or just coming into the shallows to laze around, they are littered with discarded egg shells and the whole of the islands look like a war zone with all of the nest craters dug into the sand. 

For weekend trips it is possible to visit the Four Islands only on a long weekend can we visit the Four and Three Islands.

Farasan Islands:
Upon completion of the new Resort and Dive village we shall be offering trips to Dumsuk, Quma, Dushuk, Zafaf,
Sarad Sarso, Siind Sarso and Wishka, during this trip there will be one dive on the ancient pearl beds.

The Farasan Islands dive will only be offered to Dive Clubs and for this trip the cost shall be negotiated.

Please take note all Charters are dependant on weather conditions, there is on our boats always room for guest inclusion in dive sites and diving, where safety is concerned the Dive Master and the Captains decision is final, at no time will there be a situation where we can not get you to a Port to disembark you for road transportation back to Jeddah.