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Dream Divers (Al-Ahlam Divers) is the only Liveaboard dive and Scientific Survey operation on the Saudi Arabian West Coast.

Our Liveaboard dive trips are weekend, long weekend and multiple day trips up to seven days diving.

Diving from our two Liveaboard dive boats (our third Liveaboard will be completed by early next year) Dream Master and Dream Island are perfectly suited for diving the reefs of The Farasan Banks, Jeddah, Rabigh and Yanbu, (a full description of the boats with itinerary and a typical day you may find in the Liveaboard diving section.

Our scientific surveys being run from both Dream Master and Dream Island take place anywhere on the Saudi Arabian West Coast from Yemen in the South to Jordan in the North.

We have worked successfully with many survey companies.
(1) 5 Oceans Environmental Services. (2) Woods Hole Institute. (3) Fugro. (4) IIC. (5) ARAMCO. (6) Nautical Environmental Associates LLC. (7) AECOM. (8) AMAALA. (9) NEOM. (10) The Red Sea Project. (11) Beacon Development Company. (12) KAUST Marine University, to name a few some of the tasks we have successfully understaken have been.  Cable landing both beach and sea. Deployment  and recovery of spiders, and vertical arrays of scientific instruments to depths of 50 meters. Water and sediment sampling using Niskin bottles and grabs. Coral relocation and monitoring. Cetation surveys. Geological surveys on Islands in the Red Sea. Corral boring. Surveys undertaken to tag and track Turtles, palegic fish, Ospreys and the very successful Whale Shark tagging in Al-Lith four miles from our Al-Ahlam Resort.


Specializing in Dive, Survey and Marine Operations.


Jeddah: offering 60 berths for vessels for up to 10 meters ( another 20 berths under construction at this moment) with power and wash down to the dock services, food service also available be it a snack or full course meal.


Al-Lith: 15 berths for vessels up to 25 meters, fuel and fresh water are available on the dock. From the Alith Dive Village to the dock is a 1 minutes walk, the village having a snack bar, games room, internet and accommodation.


Yanbu: having 15 berths for vessels up to 10 meters and docking for 2 vessels upto 25 meters fuel, freshwater and food service is available if required. The Yanbu, Sharm Yanbu Resort is 1 Kilometer North East along the Sharm from the Marina. Our new Ibis International Hotel is in down town Yanbu.


Jazan: This Marina and Resort are opposite the Farasan Islands having 15 berths for vessels up to 10 meters, docking for 1 vessel up to 25 meters, fuel, wash down, food service and  accommodation is available.


Multi national workforce of three hundred persons.

Hours of operation
24 Hours a day.
Food Service

All of Al-Ahlam Holding Groups Marinas are full service Marinas able to offer not only boat berthing, but food service, accommodation and Maintenance.

 Charter Service

For charter we have more than 70 vessels throughout the Kingdoms Western Seaboard, from 12 meter luxury Gulf Craft Commander, one 28.7 meter Liveaboard, a 23 meter liveaboard, 12.7 meter underwater viewing boat, jet boats and jet skis all for rent or charter.

Dive shops

Fully equipped dive shops in all of our locations, selling quality brands of diving equipment communication and G.P.S electronics, fishing equipment, chandlery for all of your boating needs, fill station supplying air or Nitrox, diving instruction rental gear for snorkeling or diving  is also available, check out our web site for further information. In Jeddah we have branches in Obhur, Auto Mall on the Kings, Road and the Cornish. In Al-Lith and Gazzan our Dive shop is part of our Dive Village and in Yanbu we have a outlet in the Ibis International Hotel.

January 1, 2020
Really great cruise and as it was four days we managed to go far South, truthfully what a great group…
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