Really great cruise and as it was four days we managed to go far South, truthfully what a great group you can’t believe, all I can tell you is they were KAUST,

SO LAID BACK I THOUGHT THEY WERE ZEN BUDDHISTS, and not a Vegan among them Vegetarians, Vegans, Vampires we don’t care and we love em all, for example Tofu stir fried with Mung beans Wow what a dish. OK return to the Cruise, 1st day check dive Canyon some divers went across to the seaward side a different dive and sharks white tips, then on to Long Reef South where we were swarmed by Dolphins yes we have the videos to prove it they were all over us and again Sharks. On to Shiib Ammar Lagoon for overnight, nice night dive we were somewhat delayed so only three dives compressor tried to be awkward no chance got wrenched and  cranked right back up, our divers during this down time played rock, mud, wood, grain whatever the only board game where you need a degree in civil engineering to play, don’t ask. Second day on to Ciopi Plataue missed it first time so surfaced added air and tried again, the thing is when you enter from a live boat clear the stern and straight down if not the surface current will have you on another Dive site, second time a charm Gorgeous site many colored sponges hanging from Black Coral Giant Buffalo head parrot fish and Feather tail bull rays.Next Dannak Island Highway beautiful reef looks untouched with again shark turtles and reef fish in profusion, third dive Ammar wall from the boat the divers remembering anything of interest and checking for it later on the night dive, found during the night dive the Farasan Ourango Tango frog fish don’t ask. Next day to Belgium Point a corral finger running out to the drop of, again Giant Bump Head Parrot Fish some hundreds of Barracuda and Tuna and getting quite common four Feather tail Bull Rays, and Sharks on the drop off, if you really want to go deep ( not recommended deep ) you will always find sharks it is better to wait for the weather to cool somewhat, some of the divers went to the seaward or windward side to an area we call the Roman Ruins and one couple found a somewhat tight crack in the reef coming thru the reef wall saving a long kick back therefore saving a lot of air once thru the reef wall and back in the lee you can explore the corral heads around where the vessel is strapped to the reef, by strapped we mean stainless steel 5 meter long ties that we wrap around corral heads using the zodiac and a bow jumper we try and mostly succeed in never using anchors on the reef, the site was so exiting the divers did three dives the final dive on the way home was Brown reef a shallow protected dive site sometimes used for overnight once the vessel is tied up you can dive along the inner reef and find cuts, channels and caves going thru the reef to the outside then reef on your right coming back into the sheltered side and the boat, if we used reflective tape to mark the path it would be a terrific night dive not much color but plenty of fish and the exit end of the twists and turns , passages leading into lagoons and cracks in the wall leading to another lagoon is without a doubt exiting Dive.